Do you need a new mattress?

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Lots of folks forget about how disappointing their sleeping situation is till they climb into bed at night. People today spend six to nine hours from twenty five sleeping or trying to catch a few zzz’s. Beds ought to be the ideal size, firmness, and softness. If yours is taken, it may be time to head into the furniture shop to buy a new one. Not getting enough quality sleep may result in a lot of different health issues. Click for source
Can you go to bed feeling fine but wake up with achy body parts? Without the appropriate support on your mattress, your skeleton can find out of alignment. You can end up getting a sore back, aching buttocks, and a neck pain that makes you cringe. The springs may have sprung, the cloth could be worn outside, and the wooden framework may be cracked. Having a bed like that, you are better off sleeping on the ground.
If you and your bedmate are keeping each other up all night due to an uncomfortable bed, it is definitely not a good thing for your connection. When the springs or wooden construction are worn out, spouses tend to roll in the center. Togetherness is a fantastic thing when it is voluntary, not when it is due to a malfunctioning bed.
Did You Bring Home Bedbugs? In case you’ve been itching and visiting black flecks that seem like pepper on your sheets, you may get an infestation of bedbugs. If so, you want to call the exterminator to take care of your whole residence. It would be a smart idea to eliminate your old mattress and buy a new one, also.
Most of us love our pets. Regrettably, they’re animals and might leave hair and odor behind. In addition to that, they might have potty accidents in your sheets, which destroys the mattress. It is also time to consider making Rover and Fluffy sleep on the ground or in their very own pet beds.
Having a cozy place to sleep is a fundamental foundation for a healthy life. If your mattress has worn out, is infested, or smells like your puppy, it is time to buy a new one.

Baking Soda

Image result for baking sodaBaking soda is a common, inexpensive household item that can be used for many types of cleaning projects. We actually make a form of baking soda in our own saliva, where it helps keep plaque from forming!

I’ve used baking soda and vinegar to keep my kitchen and bathroom drains clear and fresh smelling. I simply put a teaspoon or less of baking soda into the drain and then pour in about a tablespoon of vinegar. I must admit that I am the kind of cook who rarely steps anything, and the same is true for all these proportions, so feel free to experiment to find what works best on your sinks. Start small, though — the mixture of baking soda and vinegar causes an active fizzling and bubbling!

In actuality, that bubbling process is how you can tell if the box of baking soda you have had around forever remains good. Just follow the directions above. Your soda is still good if it bubbles away merrily.

Speaking of drains, even if your drain is clogged, you can try with far more baking soda. 1 recipe is to pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, then a cup of vinegar. Wait a few minutes, or more, and then run the hot water faucet and see if you have cleared the drain. It could take overnight.

Another well-known use of baking soda is to keep an open box in the refrigerator to neutralize odors. Because baking soda cuts smells, it can also be put at the bottom tray of an oven-type electric toaster, to reduce burnt smells. Another smell-removing cleaning tip is to put baking soda into bottles or jars that milk has left a Opossum Poop smell in.

For scrubbing out the sink, tub, or shower stall, for getting gunk off the outside of my toaster, and projects of this sort, I find it very useful. Using a rag or sponge, then pour some baking soda onto it and then add a little water, just enough to form a paste. Then scrub! You can also mix the paste up in a small cup or bowl and then throw out what you haven’t employed by the end of the cleaning session. I keep a small container of baking soda handy by the sink, in a skillet so that the baking soda does not cake. You can also use a salt shaker, as you will probably go through that much baking soda before it gets caked up.

Pots and pans that have something burned on the bottom call for sterner measures. I admit that sometimes I just reach for my rarely-used business cleaner, but the baking soda cleaning technique is to shake baking soda all over the burnt stuff and then let the pot sit overnight. You may even add a little water and baking soda to the pot, bring it to a boil, then let it sit.

For stained marble, a paste of baking soda and white vinegar may be effective.

Baking soda also has many different applications in keeping your body clean also. But enough! This article is about baking soda for cleaning around the house.

The Secret Behind Success of Executives

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As an executive, you’ve got a great deal of things to do and much more to achieve. Along with mainstream functions, you also have many supporting tasks such as online research, filings, necessary purchases, recruitment and bookkeeping.

Here comes the Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is not a machine or robot like Google Assistant. He’s a human being who understands urgency, grasps details, prioritize tasks, offers intelligent help for you to reach your target.

Given below are a few important tasks that can be delegated to Virtual Assistants:

Every day we create and work on lots of files and folders. We compile reports and data that need to be known at some point of time later. Organizing files and keeping data in proper searchable format is a full time job. You may explain this to your VA and he/she will take care of this. They will arrange your documents; keep in appropriate folders, and save your time for more important works.
Customer Support
You may need to speak to some customer service and waste plenty of time in waiting or being kept on hold. Ask the VA to do this job for you and save time.

On the other hand, you may also have some clients to support who are important and need to be given priority, but because of lack of time you’re unable to spend enough time together. Ask the VA to encourage these clients on priority, respond to them immediately, help them understand the solution and resolve their questions at appropriate level or move to another level.

You have a great deal of receipts and invoices that need to be put in a spreadsheet or compiled correctly. If you leave these unattended for extended time, they will cause unnecessary headache and anxiety.

Book Appointments/Online Shopping
You may ask your VA to book appointments and reservations for you. The VA will make the reservations and update your calendar so you don’t miss them. If a mutual trust grows, you may also ask them to do online shopping for you or for your small firm. The VA’s will do the needful and discuss report with you.

Online Research:
For any business or private purposes, you may need to conduct an internet research for a good program for your business, a wonderful product for your organization, a excellent gift for your nears and dears, some material for writing, a few articles to share with your colleagues, or anything other than that, you may simply give instructions to your VA and he/she will conduct the research for you and present the content in a skilled and sophisticated way, saving plenty of time for you.

Business Presentations
You need to generate some presentation for your business but also have lots of other things to do. Give the thought to your VA and ask him/her to do research, compile and put in a PPT presentation for your review. You may make changes as per your need and this is DONE.

As an executive, you also need to employ and support your staff. Take help from your VA in searching Resume DB, fix interviews and follow up with applicants. You can even request your VA to support your staff as and when desired and save collective time of your team.

In the event you or your company is located at a bi-lingual region or you have clients in foreign countries, you can take help of your bi-lingual VA to encourage you and your staff with translation works and supply bi-lingual business documentation support.
Data Entry
Data entry, for personal or business purposes, is required frequently but can also be least productive and most time consuming work. You can’t get rid of it, but definitely you can take support from your VA to complete the task for you.

Writing & Proofreading
You may ask your VA to prepare content or write blogs and posts for you depending on your needs. Or you may write yourself and ask the VA to check punctuation, sentence structure and other things. The VA can use tools like Grammerly and send you the finished article, ready to print.

Share your own interests and needs, languages and locations, and the VA or his/her staff will track the information, articles, essays published in that language and place and discuss summary with you. A language expert VA will do the clipping services for you. A lot of rich data and useful information can be collected for personal or business use.
Workplace Vendor

When Negotiating….

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The other negotiator was so wonderful! Unbeknownst to the speaker of these words, subliminally, he was affected by the wonderful element.

Have you ever considered the concealed value of the nice factor when negotiating? Being nice is perceptional, depending on who you are negotiating with. Nevertheless, it’s a place at some point in every negotiation.

The following are ways that you can set up the settle ally of the wonderful factor to enrich your negotiation outcomes.


Negotiators set the tone for the discussion at its outset. Note: The outset begins before you are in the negotiation table. They may set a tone to indicate you ought not take them lightly or one that implies they’ll go along to get along.

Some negotiators project a stern persona to convey the belief that they are not to be dallied with; this character may also be invoked to protect the veneer of insecurity. That can uncover the personality type that you’re really dealing with.

Sometimes, a stern type of projected positioning is advantageous. Butif you don’t think about the negotiation mode of your negotiation counterpart, it may be the uncoupling of the negotiation before it begins. Therefore, you should be conscious of the persona you project at the beginning stages and throughout a negotiation. You don’t need to turn the other negotiator into a more abstinent opponent if he is not already one. If such occurs, try to mollify him by modifying your demeanor. Be nicer.

Soft negotiators will display their demeanor by presenting a broad grin upon meeting you and a handshake that is appropriate for the experience (i.e. not too hard, not too soft). As you engage in the discussion, assess to what degree this may be a façade. You can accomplish this by noting the slight changes in her character when discussing points of disagreements. If she is quick to placate you, ensure you let her win things, too. Doing that will enhance the nice element.

Hard negotiators may pose more of a challenge when attempting to invoke the wonderful element. Based on the amount of their hardness, moderate to obnoxious, the wonderful factor may not be appropriate. Instead, you may choose to adopt a persona that matches the style of the other negotiator for him to modify his demeanor. If he does, at that point you may consider implementing the nice factor. Depending on the severity of his modification, being nice can serve as his reward.

Most negotiators do not like strong tensions in a negotiation. When tensions reach a particular degree, negotiators tend to be dogmatic about the positions they’ve adopted. So, if you end up in such a contention, consider using the wonderful element. This might be in the form of making a concession. If you’re not positive if doing that will relieve tensions, preface your deal with an’if’ statement (e.g.. . The purpose of using the wonderful factor at this time will be an attempt to reset the negotiation to a less pretentious position.

That will lend itself to an enhanced negotiation engagement, which in turn should result in a larger negotiation outcome for you… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you are always negotiating!

“Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations” will permit you to gain insight about how you can negotiate better by being able to read the other negotiator’s body language. Furthermore, the book goes deep into fresh negotiation strategies which you can use to disarm your negotiation competitor and improve your negotiation win rates.

Tell, Teach, or Ask?

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Asking questions to gather knowledge is a significant learning way of workers at all levels of an organization, and it a major responsibility of the manager to help them. Let’s say that in the course of your daily work, an employee comes to you with a situation that she does not know how to handle. She might have tried one or more ways to solve the problem, but they didn’t resolve the circumstance. It does not matter what kind of challenge the worker is facing – it could be an imperfect product coming in the production process, a customer complaint she can’t resolve, a line of programming code she can’t get to work, or a medical procedure about which she is uncertain. Your goal as a manager ought to be not merely to get the problem resolved, but also to help the employee understand how to solve similar problems in the future.

These kinds of situations arise each day, often multiple times a day. So, as a manager, how do you respond? Here are some common responses that employees often hear from their managers.

“Do not bother me.
“Just leave it together and I’ll take care of it.”
“Why not ask Fred or Mary to show you the way to do that?”
“Here’s what you need to perform”
“Let me show you how you can do that.”
“What do you feel you should do?”
Let’s look at each response from the perspective of both the manager and the worker.
“Don’t bother me.
As a supervisor, you have a great deal on your plate. Maybe you think this employee already knows how to answer the question or solve the issue, but is relying too much on your assistance – perhaps she doesn’t have the self-assurance to address the problem without getting your approval first. Or, maybe, you already answered a similar question for this employee several times and believe that the worker should have the ability to extrapolate the right answer from different answers you have already given.
From your perspective as a manager, this response will eliminate a potential time-sink and allow you to work on things you think more significant. Having received this response, the employee has three choices:

She can come up with a solution that may or may not work. If it works, that’s great. If it doesn’t work, she can blame her manager for not helping her. From your managerial perspective, this isn’t an optimal solution – the problem may not get solved, and the worker has learned nothing about how to solve such problems herself later on, so she will keep on coming to you each time she faces a problem.
She can go to somebody else in the group to find out if they can help her – perhaps they have faced this situation before and know how to solve the problem. This may or may not result in a successful resolution, based on the knowledge and expertise of the person she approaches and their willingness to help her.
She can abandon the problem, feeling that if the manager does not think it important enough to help her solve, it must not be very important. This isn’t a very satisfying result for the employee – the problem isn’t getting solved and whoever depends on her job, be it a customer, a supplier, or some other internal or external person or group, is stuck with the problem and no solution. It also should not be a satisfying result for the manager – there is a problem for which your group is responsible that isn’t getting solved, and the employee feels that you are not supporting her.
“Just leave it together and I’ll look after it.” The manager knows how to solve the problem and can do it quickly without needing to take the time to explain the solution to the employee. Additionally, it guarantees that the problem will get fixed correctly (at least from the manager’s view).
But how does the worker feel when this occurs? He may be relieved that the doesn’t need to worry about the issue anymore and can move on to other work where he feels more capable. But he may also feel dejected because he feels that he should have been able to solve the problem and by taking it to his manager, he is admitting weakness. The last common feeling invoked from this reaction it that the manager doesn’t value the worker enough to explain the answer and teach him how to solve these problems in the future.

“Why not ask Fred or Mary to show you how you can do that?”
This is a better answer than the first two. As a manager, you’re recognizing that the employee should learn how to resolve the issue, and are delegating responsibility for teaching the employee to another of your workers. Assuming that Fred or Mary is willing and able to instruct the worker, this is a good solution. It ensures that the problem will get solved (supposing that Fred and Mary know how), the worker will learn the proper procedure, and it doesn’t take time from the other managerial work.
“Here’s what you will need to perform”
Simple. Straightforward. Gets the problem solved.
And, sometimes, it is essential. When there is an immediate threat or if the situation requires an immediate response, this will find the job done. Similarly, if you are in the control room of a nuclear power plant and alarms start ringing, you don’t need to take a whole lot of time discussing what you should do – you want to act immediately.

For the employee, there is very good relief – that the issue will now get solved. Assuming the employee keeps the memory of the situation and the solution to that situation, she may be able to replicate the solution if the exact same problem arises again. But has the employee really learned anything?

The best course of action for the supervisor in this situation is to get the problem solved by issuing a directive, but to sit down with the employee to explain how to diagnose similar issues in the future and how to derive the correct solution. That is, to teach the employee.

Here the manager is taking the opportunity to teach the worker how to solve problems, to develop the employee’s abilities for the future. The manager’s explanation can be brief (“Do these steps.”) Or it can take more time if the supervisor instructs the worker on how best to consider the issue, what alternatives to think about, and how to select the best of those alternatives. This reaction takes more of the manager’s time than any of the previous responses, but it will lead to more understanding and a greater likelihood that the next time the employee faces a similar situation, he or she will be able to diagnose and solve the issue without requiring more of the supervisor’s time.
“What do you feel you should do?”
This is a coaching response, instead of a directive or instruction response. It can be helpful when:
You, as the manager, don’t know the answer or are interested in exploring possible solutions with the worker.
You believe the employee can think of a fantastic solution himself, but does not have the self-confidence to do so.
This response answers a question with a question and suggests a coaching strategy. It’s intended to empower the worker, as Judith Ross stated in her Harvard Business Review blog. She suggests that managers who use empowering questions”create value in one of more of the following ways:
They create clarity:”can you explain more about this circumstance?”
They construct better working relations: Rather than”Can you make your sales goal?” ask “How have sales been going?”
They assist people think analytically and critically:”What are the consequences of going this route?”
They encourage breakthrough thinking:”Can that be achieved in any other way?”
They challenge assumptions:”What do you feel you will lose if you start sharing responsibility for the implementation procedure?”
They create ownership of solutions:”According to your experience, what do you suggest we do here?” It does not imply that the manager does not know what to do, although training questions can help both the worker and the supervisor analyze a problem if neither of these has a ready solution. Asking coaching questions should never be used to induce an employee to select the solution that the manager already has in mind – a manager shouldn’t keep asking the worker to indicate a solution and maintain the employee imagining at alternative solutions until the worker comes up with the one the supervisor wants – that is not coaching, it’s manipulation.


Soul, Death, Redemption, Eternity, Light


Frustration comes from the humanness in me when folks say they need God’s power in their lives yet refuse to buckle to His will. They insist that they know God, yet don’t get the log from their eye.

They want something for nothing, never respecting the law of God written in all panels of lifetime, even to the incontrovertible evidence in this life.

If you would like to be forgiven, you have to repent by turning your life back to God, and show by your behavior, your attitude has changed. It’s very straightforward and remarkably effective.

Your relationships do not change as you don’t change.

You do not change only for a single fact: you have to submit your life to God.

He shows you the reality. He provides you with the gumption to stand there, judged. He helps you understand that the truth does not condemn you, it frees you. He impels one to do what you can in the light of the reality. He shows you how you’ve offended everyone, and He places in you a heart to live at peace with all humanity.

Nobody who has not undergone such Revival is saved.

Who stands there, saved of God, and does not about-face?

Conviction isn’t self-righteousness, a will contrary to the Holy God, but it’s self-admonishment, always, and then continuing self-denial, hearing aright how God can help you put matters right this side of eternity.

This is the most persuasive fact that side of death; now is the time; today is the opportunity. Especially for people who call themselves stored… don’t be in that class of’Christian’ whom the Lord says,’they’ll say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name and cast out demons, but I say I never knew you; be gone out of My Presence.’ Can the prophet be saved with no living an adroitly penitent life?

The rub of life is at the friction of relationships.

What power of God is there if others can’t understand the power of God which has changed you?

Yes, indeed, there are lots of false doctrines and several comfy cushions that seem like the flame of God, but it is all useless unless the Christian gets on their knees and begs for forgiveness because they have seen the testimony of darkness written in their heart – to the extent of the relationships they have that don’t please the Lord.

The revival of salvation and recovery come from the power of God through insistent repentance.


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There are many species of tobacco; Nicotiana tabacum (or common tobacco) is used to make cigarettes.

Nicotine, a potent central nervous system stimulant found naturally in the tobacco leaf, is classified as a drug. Nicotine is one of the main ingredients in tobacco. It’s commonly used as an insecticide.

Tobacco leaves may be burned and inhaled (in the form of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smoke, etc.) or absorbed through the mouth (in the kind of spit tobacco, chew, or snuff).

Smokers usually feel dizzy and sick when they first inhale the nicotine in tobacco, but gradually build up tolerance to its effects. Other symptoms fresh smokers experience includes coughing, a dry, irritated throat as well as nausea, weakness, abdominal cramps, Kyle Wildlife Removal, headache, coughing or gagging. These symptoms subside as the user develops a tolerance to nicotine.

Nicotine is highly addictive. The addictive effect of nicotine is the main reason why tobacco is widely used. Many smokers continue to smoke in order to prevent the pain of withdrawal symptoms. Smokers also adjust their behaviour (inhaling more deeply, by way of instance ) to keep a certain amount of nicotine in the body.

Smokers who usually smoke at least 15 cigarettes per day and/or smoke their first Cigarette of the day within 30 minutes of waking are most likely to experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They will likely find quitting uncomfortable.

Stopping can produce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms including depression, sleeplessness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, anxiety, decreased heart rate, increased appetite, weight gain, and craving for nicotine.

Symptoms peak from 24 to 48 hours after stopping and can last from three days up to four weeks, even though the craving for a Cigarette can last for weeks.

Relapse is the rule instead of the exception and must be viewed as part of the process of quitting.

Coffee is good for you

Coffee has gained so much fame and for many individuals, coffee is a part of their daily diet. However, not everyone is aware of the numerous health benefits that these dark beans contain. In order to help you enjoy your cup of coffee and to inspire you to drink more of this nutritious drink, following are a few of the benefits of this famous beverage.
The coffee bean contains many antioxidants in massive quantities compared to other foods. Additionally, when you brew these beans, the antioxidants aren’t lost. This means that they make way in your system and help your body get rid of free radicals effectively.

Coffee Cafe Mug Decorative Drink Beverage
Because of the importance of antioxidants for our well-being, it’s important that we try to adopt a habit of drinking more freshly brewed coffee every day. This will help our body to receive an ample number of antioxidants regularly.
Coffee helps to increase energy levels and make you more awake and alert. It is therefore no wonder that people like to start their day with a cup of Bat Poop. Not only does it help to give them energy but also helps to decrease stress and tiredness.
Consequently, if you end up feeling slouchy and dull in the morning, then think about treating yourself to a cup of this energy booster. Additionally, after a hard day’s work, unwind and unwind with this delicious power-packed beverage.
For those who are searching for ways to lose weight, then this one is for you. You’ll be delighted to know that you can lose weight in addition to keep up an ideal weight with the help of coffee. This is because java has been proven to help speed up metabolism in a safe and natural way. When your metabolism speeds up, it will help burn calories and fat faster. This way, your body will not store all the extra calories as fat that can be tough to remove later on.
Helps prevent liver cirrhosis
Aside from all the above advantages, another reason you should drink coffee is that it will help to protect your liver from damage. A healthy liver is less prone to liver disease like cirrhosis and this helps safeguard your overall health.
As you can see, there are so many benefits of incorporating this wonderful beverage into your routine. So stay healthy and gain more energy by drinking coffee daily.

Keep your toilet clean

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most uninteresting but unavoidable household chores. Keeping your bathroom always clean should be a job to be done at least twice a week because this won’t only keep you and your family healthy but also give people good impression about you. Below are some of the suggestions on how to ensure a clean bathroom:
Never use bleach to clean your bathroom especially for homes with children and pets. This remedy is chlorinated, highly acidic and corrosive that has a negative effect on the health of your family and the ending of your bathroom.
Never flush solid objects or paper down the toilet as this may lead to blockage along the bathroom line.
As a security measure, place a trash can beside your toilet seat to always remind customers that non-toilet friendly substances can be trashed inside.

Bathroom Bath Tub Toilet Bathtub Towel Cle
So as to clean your bathroom, you will be needing the following:
Toilet cleaner alternative
Pour a bathroom cleaner solution within the bowl of your toilet seat and let to simmer for approximately 5 mins. Use a toilet brush to wash the bowl, the sides and beneath the rim. Scrub very well to make sure you eliminate all stains and coloration around the bowl, then leave for another 10 mins. As you wait, apply disinfectant beyond this bowl touching all sides and scrub with toilet brush to get a cleaner surface and after that you’ll be able to flush.
Next is using Vinegar; due to its acidic nature it kills not just germs and bacteria but also get rid of any lime deposits around your bathroom. You may begin with the toilet tank if you would like to remove all of the deposits that develop from tap water by pouring some amount of vinegar within the tank then allow to simmer for a few minutes and flush immediately several times to eliminate all vinegar remnants from the tank.
back to the bowl, pour about 1 cup of vinegar within the bowl including the top, inside rim and everywhere around the bowl. Let it soak for 30 mins and wash or wipe off with paper towel. Pour more amount of vinegar down the toilet making it fills above the water line to remove hidden bowl ring and calcium build up.
While you await the mixture in the toilet to respond, spray the exterior of the bathroom with vinegar to kill each germs habituating anywhere around the bathroom. Let it soak for a little while and wash everywhere together with your toilet brush both outside and inside the tank and bowl. This procedure and Cocoa Beach Raccoon Removal should provide your bathroom sparkling and the most pleasant appearance. Do this periodically to maintain the desired look for the own toilet.

DIY storage

Have you ever felt like you do not have space in your dwelling? It’s very easy to feel cramped once you start receiving presents, new furniture and with children. Space is quite important whether you have a family or not. Here are some useful Do-It-Yourself storage ideas. That distance never gets used and what better way to keep toys, books and shoes tucked away. Put wheels on such containers for easier handling.
Artists, children, craftsmen and job manufacturers always have stationery lying around. These handy home tools also tend to get lost in the depths of drawers or between stacks of paper. To solve this issue, all you need to do is put that stationery inside empty tins. Tins are the most elastic recyclable material and you may decorate them too. You might also keep cooking utensils in tins decorated with a kitchen theme.
Are you the type of person that has millions of shoes that just lie all over the place? You can easily fix this problem by stacking plastic piping together or use an old wine rack. By doing this you never have to worry about shoes falling out of your cupboards.

Bicycle Shelves Shelf Books Home House Sto
Showers don’t have a large area of space. Therefore it would get annoying if you constantly have shampoo and soap bottles falling on you or round your feet. It is well known that showers have an incline to permit water to the drain. This will also make those bottles slide to the centre of the shower to precisely where you are standing. Cut a plastic 2 litre bottle halfway through and add a hook on peak of the bottle. Hook the plastic bottle to the shower handle and you’ll immediately have a shower gel holder. Doesn’t it just get on your nerves when you must dig through a bag, not find the colour that goes with your dress? Take advantage of a spice rack. Does this stick to a wall but in addition, it gives you additional drawer space.
A simple solution to store hairdryers, curling irons or hair brushes is to put them within a file holder. These fit nicely on the interior of bedroom cabinets and nightstands. It is also easier to reach. This could also be used for shampoos, conditioners, Cocoa Beach Rat Removal,  and household cleaning items.
These are some handy options for your storage issues.

How To Help Someone That Is Bi-Polar

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Bipolar disorder is a very complex disease to many people, including medical doctors, and rightly so. Much like each other disorder in allopathic medicine, there will never be a cure for bipolar disorder. You can’t solely treat this ailment from the physical, and particularly with harmful, man-made pharmaceutical drugs. Plus, Western medical doctors admit that they don’t know the cause of the disorder.

All disease and disease first happen on the energy level before manifesting physically. Therefore, healing of all diseases must occur first on the energy level, the root or causative level. This is the reason no cure or healing of bipolar disorder will ever happen in Western medicine because Western medicine does not deal with energy or vibration, and the human body has an energy or vibratory body. Western medicine does not even take care of the cellular level of recovery, which follows the energy level of recovery.

In order to tackle an issue (disease, sickness) we must first know what it is. You can just begin the healing process when you first “know” what a thing is. Every disease has an origin in which etiology educates us can be researched.

Though an herbalist, my way of healing and health is wholistic and encompasses all realms of human existential makeup, for instance, bio-magnetic sheath (human air) or subtle bodies kingdom, i.e. ethereal body, Stuart Wildlife Control, mental body, astral body, etc..

All living beings have an imperceptible but detectable energy field that surrounds them. This is true from person (human being) down to the animals and insects. This invisible energy field is known as the “bio-magnetic sheath” (aura). It can be detected and photographed with a specific kind of photography known as “Kirlian photography.”

Bipolar disorder is medically defined as:

“A significant mental disorder characterized by episodes of mania, depression, or mixed mood. One or another stage may be predominant at any particular time, 1 phase may appear alternately with another, or components of both phases may be present concurrently. Characteristics of the manic phase are excessive emotional displays, such as excitement, elation, euphoria, or in some cases irritability accompanied by hyperactivity, boisterousness, impaired ability to concentrate, decreased need for sleep, and seemingly unbounded energy. In intense mania, a sense of omnipotence and delusions or grandeur may occur. From the depressive condition, marked apathy and under-activity are accompanied by feelings of deep sadness, loneliness, and reduced self-esteem. Causes of the disorder are multiple and complex, often involving biologic, psychological, social, and social and cultural factors. 196

It’s one of two major classifications of depressive disorders: (1) unipolar depression and (2) bipolar depression.

Bipolar disorder usually starts out as depression and slowly graduates to mania; and the depression and mania can involve alternating episodes, an up and down effect. Therefore, bipolar disorder is also called manic depression.

In my traditional fashion, let us break matters down into pabulum so we can find a thorough and pellucid understanding of bipolar disorder.

The word or prefix “bi” means: “2; twice: bipolar 2. Occurring twice during: biweekly [Latin: bis, bi – meaning “twice.”]

The term “polar” means: 1. Or referred to a rod 2. Of or close to the North or South Pole. 3.

The word “polar” derives from the term “pole” which means: “Either or two oppositely charged terminals, as in an electric cell or battery ; either of two opposing forces. [Greek: polos, meaning “axis”]

The word “disorder” means: “A lack of order; confusion; an ailment.”

From the above breakdown of the term “bipolar disorder”, we come up with “a lack of order or an ailment of two sticks of conflicting forces or extremes (or mental states).”

Basically, bipolar disorder deals with a fluctuation of extremes on the emotional level – depression and mania. Depression copes with a saddened state whereas mania deals with an excited or enthused state.

Depression. noun. 1. The act of depressing or condition of being gloomy. 2. A sunken area; hollow 3. The condition of feeling sad or despondent. 4. Pschol. 235

Depression. [Latin: “deprimere” meaning “to press down]. 3. 4. An abnormal psychological condition characterized by exaggerated feelings of sadness, melancholy, dejection, worthlessness, emptiness, and hoplessness that are inappropriate and out of proportion to reality. The status is neurotic when the precipitating cause is an intra-psychic conflict or a traumatic situation or event that’s identifiable, despite the fact that the man is unable to describe the overreaction to it. The condition is psychotic when there is severe there’s severe physical and mental functional impairment because of some unidentifiable intra-pyschic conflict; it is often accommodated by hallucinations, delusions, and confusion concerning time, place, and identity. 354

Mania. noun. An intensively intense enthusiasm or desire; trend. 2. 3. Violent abnormal behavior.

In the word “mania” we get the term “maniac” which means: One having an excessive enthusiasm for something. [Greek: maniakos, meaning “mad”, mania, meaning “insanity] .

We also get the term” manic” which means: “Of, influenced by, or marked by mania.”

Are you starting to really know the depth of the rock band, The Bangles, hit song “Manic Monday” now from all of the definitions supra? I am!

America may profess to be a Christian nation, but if you have eyes to see, you may and can see that paganism’s mark has been left on Christianity and America, which purports to be a Christian country. Not a Christ-like nation, but a Christian country. There’s a difference!

Monday has always been associated with emotional imbalance, lunacy, mania, and sorrow (“the blues”) to be precise. Originally, lunacy was attributed to the moon.

In chromatherapy, the colour blue deals with relaxing and soothing and this color blue (particularly light blue) helps us to relax and to calm down. This is extremely correct! So if you have an irate and/or anxious or hyperactive child(ren), you might want to think about painting their bedroom light blue so as to positively impact them with this color’s frequency or vibration.

The color blue is the antidote for the colour red, which deals with fire, fever, and fieriness. If you’re upset or angry, your aura becomes a tainted and unhealthy reddish color because on an energetic level you’re on fire (burning), and you begin to exude the frequency of this colour, and in accordance with the law of attraction, as long as your frequency is the frequency of the colour (tainted or dark red), you will attract different things into your orb or aura that matches this identical frequency. You will attract people, circumstances, situations, and events that will keep you mad and upset and make you more angry and upset. This is true because all energy is cyclical and what is cyclical is bound to come back around. Karma is cyclical energy coming back around to its origin. So to help yourself calm down when you are angry or upset, have a room with blue (light or sky blue) walls that you can go into for a few minutes and just stare at the walls in order to “cool” down.

Actually, staring or looking at anything blue or light/sky blue will get the job done. And if nothing blue or light/sky blue is around, simply close your eyes and visualize this color for a few minutes. The technique is greatly intensified when heavy breathing is added to it. Whatever the source or cause of this anger, simply get a picture of it on your mind, imagine it disintegrating or turning to dark grey smoke and continue to blow the smoke out through your lips (perform 10-20 deep breaths); then imagine the dark grey smoke all gone from mind.

With each breath you release the cause or source of your anger. After the last breath, you simply say: “I’ve released” (this anger, situation, etc.). And because you do not want that negative energy to be lingering out in the Universe so as to be available to somebody else, simply transmute it into positive energy with deliberate intent and you can do it by either imaging or vocalizing (via imaging see the dark gray smoke convert into a pure white or sparkling crystalline colored smoke or via vocalization say: “the negative energy I just published is converted into positive energy and made available for positive use throughout the Universe – So be it!’) .

Okay, getting back to our subject at hand, because blue (light/sky blue) is the color frequency of the Fifth chakra (Vissudha), visualizing or taking a look at the colour blue will help to equilibrium (open) this chakra – the seat of communicating, when it comes to higher creativity and self-expression, thus letting you express yourself (and truthfully and frankly).

We do express ourselves when we’re “cool” (cool-headed), calm, and relaxed. The colour blue (and light/sky blue) has this profound and healing effect on us, all of us, whether we believe in chakras and/or chromatherapy or not.

Now while the color blue copes with being cool, calm, and relaxed, the color has a reverse polarity effect – depression or depression, hence a feeling of “the blues” that I am sure African-Americans can relate to, at least better than anyone else or some other so-called race (because now, the vast majority of Americans regardless of race are grabbing and singing “the blues” today due to the state of our marriage [authorities, society] and our personal marriages with self (inner and outer) and other people).

From my personal research I have discovered that depression and depression affect the liver, organ and vice versa. The psycho-emotional facet of the liver corresponds to the negative emotion of anger; consequently anger (and insanity) stores in the liver (the cells of the liver).

It is the use of alcohol (spirits) that releases the evil spirits of anger and madness which are stored in the liver in the person who consumes alcohol. It’s very common for drunk or inebriated individuals to become very upset, angry, or angry shortly after attaining this imbalanced state. This is because the alcohol serves as an instigator for the release of these stored negative emotions that the drunkard or drunk person has been carrying for a while (possibly dating back to childhood or the teenage years).

Because alcohol is an intoxicant (a poisonous substance; a pollutant of the blood and therefore the body), it not only pollutes on the physical level, but also pollutes on the delicate body level. The aura becomes a dirty dark red color, additionally, little portals (gateways) open up over the air that permits negative or dark spirits (ethereal beings) to enter the individual’s energy body and thus take the individual under their control, mainly on the mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This is the reason the Ruler’s imps (government) say that you’re “under the influence” of alcohol when you are drunk. It is not the alcohol that affects your head, as alcohol taints the blood, since it is a poison. It is the dark spirits (ethereal beings) which influence the mind. Liquor stores appropriately promote alcohol at the section called “Spirits.”

Popping the top of a bottle of alcohol allows certain spirits (genie) to come out, like in the story of Aladdin, except the soul (genie) here in this scenario isn’t benevolent.

In Islam, we find that genies (called “Jinn”) are either malevolent or benevolent. The Universe is full of light and dark beings or entities and both or on the scene right now though you can’t see them as they are invisible, but nevertheless they are there on another frequency that if you tuned into that particular frequency right now you would see them. They love these kinds of activities as it feed their appetites. It also makes it easier for them to invade our energy field since these actions lower our vibration. Lower activity lowers your aura and drinking alcohol to the point of drunkenness is guaranteed to do such!

Growing up in the hood of South Central Los Angeles, it was all too common to witness males and females getting bent (as we say in the hood, which means “drunk’) and then minutes or hours later, being involved in some drama, typically a physical fist fight.

I witnessed this with my parents almost every Thursday night.

I would be in the bed and would feel like I am in paradise as a result of fantastic music playing and sound of laughter from my parents. I was always happiest hearing, seeing, and understanding my parents were getting along and having a good time together. Nothing else exceeded this for me. Now of course, the worst times of my childhood was when they were at each other’s throat like wild dogs.

Well, it wouldn’t be too long after all that Thursday night partying, eating swine flesh, and drinking alcohol that my parents would be at each other’s throat, and it would always be my mom who would start the madness. She was borderline alcoholic although she didn’t drink daily. She drank frequently, mostly on weekends (that type of started for us on Thursday), but not ordinary.

My mother used to remind me of Sue Ellen Ewing from the hit television show, “Dallas”, which just happens to be my all-time favourite television series (thanks to J.R. Ewing, played by actor Larry Hagman).

Sue Ellen would be just fine when she did not drink, but after she started to drink, she was a mess, which was my mother.

Alcohol always released anger in my own mother. She would begin by cursing up a storm (usually in reaction to my dad saying something about among her relatives or by just saying something which obviously pissed off her).

The next thing you know she would be throwing things (ash trays, pots and pans, drinking glasses, the telephone, etc.) and knocking pictures down from the wall. The woman literally tore the house apart. Even as a small boy, I could always deduce that my mom only acted like that after she drank alcohol. This impressed upon me at a young age to never drink alcohol; and after sipping a few of the wines and spirits in my parents’ pub merely to experience the taste of this stuff that negatively impacted my family, I never drank alcohol – NO wine, champagne, whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, etc.. I stayed away from this junk since I saw how it made people respond. I saw the harm that followed from drinking this crap.

It is funny how the government is always talking about regulating people for purposes of “public safety” (or public health and order) but won’t ban alcohol, cigarettes, and pharmaceutical drugs which kill two million people each year.

And now that I understand why my mother was angry and angry after drinking alcohol, I am ready to help and help people heal on the energy level in general, the psychological level in particular.

Some people tell me ‘Oh Djehuty, 1 glass of wine won’t hurt!” My retort is: “I’m sure one glass of dog piss would not hurt either, but over time you’d have some serious health issues because the fact of the matter is, the stuff doesn’t belong in your body.”

Drinking alcohol taxes the liver while it attempts to filter alcohol from the blood flow.

Let’s look at the word “melancholy.” Melancholy is described as: “Sdaness; melancholy. 2. Pensive reflection. 1. Gloomy; gloomy [Greek “melancholia”]

However, if we really want to find out the true meaning of the word “depression”, we have to deduce the word on our own.

Hence, melancholy describes “black bile.” But wait a minute! Bile is green in color! Yes it is, so what’s going on here? Now we are getting somewhere in our comprehension of things.

The word “depression” derives from the term “melancholia” which is described as:

Melancholia. A mental disorder marked by severe depression and apathy
American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition, 2001, pg. 529

Melancholia. 1. Extreme sadness; melancholy. 2. Obsolete, the major affective depressive disorder. 738

Certainly, bipolar disorder, from a medical perspective or point of view is a form of mental retardation coupled with depression.

The Causation of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a Seventh chakra (Sahasrara) imbalance, usually excessive chakra energy.

“The Seventh (or Crown) chakra is the location of Nirvana – independence from opposites – and is thought of as the kingdom where the individual soul and the Universal Soul are One. This is the realm of the entire union of Shiva and Shakti, of all opposites and conflicting tendencies within oneself and between self and the cosmos.”

From my experience with individuals with bipolar disorder, all of them had a profound spiritual side, but sadly, it was disconnected from reality. Take Larry for example. Though bi-polaric, he was very spiritual but was greatly disconnected from reality because he believed that he was Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Larry was generally a happy guy, especially when things were going his way and he had hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank and might manage his limousines and pretty women. But whenever things did not go his way or some type of stressful situation would appear, Larry would lose it. He would run to the jar and get drunk and could be a complete mess.

“The condition is neurotic when the precipitating cause is an intra-psychic conflict or a traumatic situation or event that is identifiable.”

Larry had two phases that I noticed. To begin with, everything would be okay and he’d be taking his medication (pharmaceutical drugs). Secondly, after some traumatic situation would occur, he’d fall apart and run to the jar.

While inebriated, he would be very angry and upset, usually in the authorities. Though drunk, his discourses were always spiritual. It is strange because in his anger and inebriated state, he talked lots of spiritual truths, something lots of “normal” drunk people don’t do. They may speak truth while drunk (like my mom), but rarely can it be religious truth.

Bipolar people I have dealt with over the years have always acknowledged the religious. This is the way I personally know bipolar disorder is partly a Seventh chakra imbalance because the Seventh Chakra is our spiritual center, our connection to the Higher Self, our divine nature.

However, characteristics of the excessive Chakra energy person include:

Constant sense of frustration

Unrealized power

Psychotic, gloomy, or manic-depressive

Frequent migraine headaches


Sexual expression

Occasionally passionate, sometimes distant

Joy Gardner-Gordon, in “Pocket Guide to the Chakras” gives us the following example of an excess Seventh Chakra energy individual (which really describes Larry into a T):

“This psychotic man imagines he is Jesus Christ. He has delusions of grandeur as he attempts to enlist his twelve disciples. He actually does have the ability to see into the future and to read minds, but his skills are sporadic and undisciplined, and he cannot distinguish between his fantasies, or his paranoias, and reality.” Pg. 100

Since the Seventh Chakra affects the brain, nervous system, pineal and pituitary glands, these glands and organs have to be addressed when helping the bipolar disorder individual and you cannot help the bipolar individual or person with those glands and organs with man-made, chemical, pharmaceutical medications.

Drugs only exacerbate the problem. The human body is not made of drugs so drugs do not do it any good. They just toxify and pollute the body. The body identifies everything it can’t digest as a poison and seeks to divert it from the body. Therefore, only natural things and substances from the ground can be used to assist the bipolar individual or individual, e.g. herbs, essential oils, crystals, vegetables and fruits, etc..

Larry had nearly all of the characteristics of a person with excess Seventh Chakra energy. Larry always had a constant sense of frustration, he had enormous unrealized energy, he was most certainly depressed and manic-depressive, he got frequent migraine headaches, and he was highly sexually expressive (he had been a member of private sex club).

It’s very true about bipolar illness individuals that one day they will be very happy, in addition to the world, and the following day or a few days later, they’ll be greatly depressed as the world is coming to an end.

We must also look at the karmic and past-life element of bipolar individuals.

Bipolar people are borderline genius and lunatic.

Along with working on the brain, nervous system, and endocrine system (pituitary and pineal glands), the organic practitioner should work on the liver of the bipolar individual. The liver stores anger and bipolar people have a tendency to become very irate and from nowhere and at a whim. For many people with mates who are bi-polar, this behavior can be quite frightening.

The natural healer or practitioner should also take into consideration the karmic part of bi-polar. Individuals in this present life dispensation who are having bi-polar disease chose their Earth vehicles replete with so-called anomalies and so-called defects in order to undergo certain experiences for attainment of specific life experiences for purposes of soul growth; in addition to the simple fact of paying past life (or lives) karmic debt.

Individuals who experience brain disorders (like bi-polar disorder) in this life are people who in previous lives may have abused their brains, used their minds and/or knowledge for purposes of harm, manipulated the minds of other people, practiced mind control experiments; pulled the levers of guillotines (which cut people’s heads off as a kind of capital punishment), levied capital punishment against innocent persons, etc..

There are no victims in the Universe. We create our own realities and fates through past and present life ideas, beliefs, and activities. This is why I don’t feel sorry for anyone irrespective of their condition, because I’ve religious understanding, over-standing, and inner-standing and I know that they played a role in creating and manifesting the illness, whatever it could be, whether it was in this lifetime or a previous lifetime. Justice (karma) permeates our Universe and no action goes unnoticed or unreturned. Again, there are no victims, only participants.

HERBS. I suggest using nervine herbs for bi-polar disease. These herbs include Kava Kava, Passionflower, Lavender flower, Jatamansi, Chamomile, St. Jon’s Wort, Valerian Root, Blue Vervain, Hops, Scullcap, Catnip, and Cinnamon to name a few. These herbs can be taken in tea form, capsule form, or liquid extract form and can be taken during the day.

AROMATHERAPY. There are plenty of good essential oils that are effective in the treatment and curing of thyroid disease and they include Neroli, Bergamot, Lavender, Jasmine, Davana, May Chang, Blood Orange, Linden, Valerian, and Melissa (True).

CRYSTALS. There are plenty of crystals which may be utilised in the treatment and curing of thyroid disease, but by far, the best stone to use for bi-polar disorder is lepidolite. Lepidolite contains lithium.

Other fantastic stones/crystals for bi-polar include Charoite, Larimar (Dolphin Stone), Sugilite, Amethyst, and Peridot.

The aforementioned crystals and stones are best for the depression component of bi-polar (and may be put directly on the Ajna chakra located between the eyebrows).

But because of its grounding aspect of bi-polar, I recommend the following crystals and stones: Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Jet, Obsidian, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, and Magnetite. These stones can be placed anywhere from the bottom of the feet up to the genital region, or, around the body in a grid)

Crystals can be applied directly to the Sixth chakra (Brow Chakra) while lying down (for about 15-30 minutes) or can be made into an elixir (letting the crystal sit in water for a period of 24 hours, receiving both moon and sun light) and drank (a few dropper-fuls or 1-4 oz).

Dherbs services that can also help in cases of bi-polar disorder (for purposes of healing) include Chakra Alignment/Balancing and Hemisphere Synchronization Therapy.

Loss And Your Brain

Clear Glass Candle Holder

Loss is really a state of scenario where we don’t just lose someone or something, we lose a part of ourselves at the event and resulting process; the individuality goes through deconstruction, Critter controland that overhaul, for the lucky ones, is the genesis of reformation.

Among the larger shortages we find with the sheer stress of it all, are the psychological shifts that leave us bereft for an explanation.

It is because inside the brain – the conscious mind – there are like seven rooms, with distance, for thought, for cognition, for creativity, for attribution, for communication, for difficulty. The unconscious mind escapes in sleep and carries us off into a fantasy the reverse of nightmares, and that’s why we cannot confront the first waking moment in grief – when we could wish for anything but consciousness. However, it’s the conscious mind that we are interested in, for the conditions of memory.

If there are seven rooms, the notional complete picture of a conscious mind able to perform all the tasks we expect it to, some of those rooms are completely occupied from the stress implicit of despair. Some of them are partially full with a convoluted, confused mixture of advice designed to confound us readily. (These are the very same conditions someone with sleep deprivation encounters.) But all rooms are somewhat affected, and there is less mental efficiency and output overall.

A large portion of the problem for those who grieve who are elderly is the distress within the notion that’s Alzheimer’s disease – the commonest dementia. Sharp and cavernous despair can mimic dementia, at least to persons unqualified to assess it, who fear such a ‘could-it-be’ diagnosis. And we know that there is early onset dementia, so the fact that we can develop it at any age means anybody experiencing the memory deficits outbound of reduction can feel threatened – which further exacerbates stress, adding stress to the already crowded lodging facility in our mind. Small wonder we could feel confounded.

It’s good to know there is a reason loss impacts memory during grief, since it explains it that significant stress inhibits the mind. Acknowledging stress helps us understand we best go gently, not expecting too much, even anticipating the mental, emotional and spiritual limits we face. Thankfully grief doesn’t limit memory permanently.

Wildlife of Australia

Some people aren’t at home with animals, especially wildlife, but I think this is mostly from unfamiliarity and fear. When you’re about it a lot, you tend to appreciate the vulnerability.

Kangaroo, Australia, Wildlife, Mammal

As a child, the main types of wildlife I was subjected to, in their natural surroundings, were brown and black snakes, and kangaroos. I loved the roos, watching them in the paddocks, despite them being cursed by the farmers to eating all the plants.

Living on a tropical island in North Queensland for a few years left me frequently exposed to green tree snakes and pythons, neither of which are life threatening. The tree snakes wound their way up through the forest trees in all sorts of angles. I always found them graceful. Walking island paths with friends late at night, it was not unusual to have to wait for a python to finish crossing the road in front of us, and not being able to see either end. I grew to love them, though it still always breaks my heart to see them confined as pets.

Nearby on the mainland, a buddy and I were chased one day by a enormous goanna as we unknowingly ventured too near her dwelling. A good reminder that most of us share this Earth.

In the Northern Territory, there was no swimming at the McArthur River near Borroloola because of crocs. It is wild country up there. One of my tasks at a nearby hotel, which was more like a bush camp, and a rough one at that, was to eliminate the green tree frogs from the cistern of the bathrooms daily. After doing this once and viewing them all back the next day, I realised what a futile effort it was, Port St Lucie Animal Removalso left them in peace. They just hung with their webbed feet when the water was flushed down to the loo.

Whales were also plentiful during the perfect season. It was understandably beautiful.

While living up in the Gold Coast hinterlands, there were kookaburras landing on the veranda every day, as well as peacocks roaming freely in the bush down the back.

Backing onto Cooper Park in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, my delights were the golden orb spiders, with webs so strong you could lift them to go under, and the lizards. I love watching lizards.

Among the most prolific homes for wildlife though was from the bush in Northern NSW. Here we had a bat come in for a while then left. Koalas were so abundant you could walk out the back door and search up in the trees, with a great probability of seeing one, or standing on the front veranda and carrying a photo of one not far away. Not all Aussies get such close contact with them in their natural surroundings. However while it was quite amazing and romantic to be able to have koalas living so nearby, there is nothing quiet or gentle in their lovemaking.

This house also had a surplus of lizards and snakes. After being there for over a year and imagining there was a snake in a small alcove near the door, I came to finally meet this monster one morning as I was heading off to work. Down she slid onto the veranda and was huge, majestically so. We arrived to see her often after that.

One of my favorite swimming areas is a river about half an hour from Tamworth. This place has literally saved me a couple of times, during the darkest periods of my life. The platypus is a shy and gentle river swimmer but since I was frequently out there alone, if sitting by the lender writing, I managed to watch them a couple of times at close range. I felt quite special for such a present.

Sadly a lot of people only see wildlife in zoos or as road kill, where kangaroos, wallabies or wombats have ventured onto the roads and been struck by a vehicle. My uncle once had a wombat. She was called Wendy the wombat. As an adult Wendy took herself off to reside in the nearby bush. But returned a couple of years later to say hello with her whole family, then toddled off back to the bush. What a beautiful thing.

This morning while driving up to the nearby village, I was saddened to find a dead wallaby beside the road and the body of her babe that had been thrown out of its pouch, while still an embryo really, no fur nonetheless covering its small body.

I do see a lot of live wallabies here too though mercifully. They are sweet little animals.

Last week while on the phone being interviewed for a vegan magazine, I watched a red-belly black snake slither past me, just a few metres away. They are rather gentle, the red-bellies, though still not to be trifled with due to their venom.

Possums are about here too, as they are in several places. I love the cheeky things.

Lizards hang out in sunlight on the rickety bridge across the creek and hide underneath whenever we drive over it.

One of the most effective documentaries I have ever seen is called Earthlings and is available online. It’s incredibly confronting as it seems at man’s dependence on the animal world for food, clothing, entertainment and research. Yet despite the tragic reality of what you will see, it’s also a beautiful film in its own way in that it reminds us all of the beauty of animals and of their right to live on the Earth too. I strongly recommend this documentary to anyone.

We share the Earth with each of these creatures. It’s their home too. Wildlife isn’t to be feared, but respected.

When I look out the window here at a wallaby on the driveway, frogs on the window and lizards down on the bridge, I am in great company.

Yes, I am blessed. We all are.

Get your tan on

There are two ways to get a real tan – you can do outside in sunlight, or you can do inside of a tanning booth in a salon. Each method of tanning has its benefits and weaknesses:

Woman Lying on Green Float Wearing Red Bikini

Indoor Tanning -It allows you to control the quantity of time you spend in the sun, ideally to reduce burning. It also lets you tan during winter when it is too cold to do outside. Tanning booths however can be more dangerous, especially when they’re used too often.
Outdoor Tanning – It’s arguably more enjoyable. It also might not be quite as dangerous on a UV basis, in terms of how much UV exposure you receive in a similar amount of time. But outside tanning can be inexact, since your whole body isn’t subjected to UV rays at any given time. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to spend too long in the sun and get a severe burn, because there is less control when you are tanning.
Clearly there are many different differences between these two tanning methods. However, there are an assortment of similarities as well. Below are some of the similarities between indoor and outdoor tanning.


Perhaps the most apparently similarity is that both offer you the identical tanning ability. Both use UV rays that allow your body to promote melanin production and adjust the colour of your skin.

2. You Can Burn

Of course, another similarity is that with the two systems you can burn and burn off harshly. In tanning booths at tanning salons you’ve got a far better chance of controlling your own time in the machine so that burning is less likely, but only because it is less likely doesn’t mean it is impossible. Burning remains always possible, especially if you misjudge how long you ought to be at the booth.

3. Tanning Difficulty

If you have an issue tanning outdoors due to light skin, etc., you will also have the identical problem tanning indoors. Similarly, if you are someone that freckles instead of tans, you’re still going to freckle rather than tan in the tanning booth. The UV rays provided by tanning booths are identical to the UV rays provided by the sun.

Overall Differences

The truth is that tanning booths and the sun are both exactly the same concerning their effects on your skin and body. The differences lie in convenience and enjoyment, as well as degree of control. Sun tanning may be fun, as well as free, but you have less control over your tan. Tanning booths offer you a great deal of control which may help reduce your probability of burning, but it costs money and has the same health risks. Overall they are both adequate options for those that want a tan and that you choose is based largely on your own private preference.

Which is Safer – Indoor or Outdoor Tanning?

Tanning can never be considered safe. Tans themselves are a result of skin damage, and as such you can’t get a tan unless you are damaging your skin. Clearly then there isn’t any such thing as a safe tan, as a tan is the result of your skin being unsafe.

Yet there is no denying that people love to tan, although it may be causing your skin damage, the results make you seem healthier. Because of this, tanning will always continue to be a popular procedure for improving one’s beauty. So the next step is to find out which method of tanning is safer, so at the very least you can reduce the amount of damage you get to your skin.

Outdoors in Sunlight
Indoors in a Tanning Booth
Both of these subject your skin to UV rays, Centurian Wildlife, causing the damage necessary to provide yourself a tan. So which one of these two options is safest?

Tanning beds provide you with many different benefits that you do not get from the sun. The most basic benefit is control. When you are in the sun, the amount of UV rays and the time spent tanning your body are in constant flux. You are likely moving around, there are people walking by (creating shadows), there are clouds – there’s no way to measure just how much sun you have received.

Tanning beds give you complete control over your tan. There are no shadows, and there is no guesswork. If you place the tanning bed to ten minutes, then you’re receiving UV rays throughout your body for just 10 minutes. That control can surely assist you to ensure you burn less and reduce any unnecessary sun damage.

However, that control also has a cost. The UV rays that tanning beds shower on your body are worse for your skin than the sun. Your skin receives far more damage in the 10 minutes you are in a tanning booth than it would during an equivalent 10 minutes in the sun. Similarly, as you can control your UV exposure in the tanning booth, you will still need to spend time outdoors, and as you are outside you are going to get additional damage to the rays you obtained in the tanning bed. Unless you’re constantly slathering a very high SPF on your body, there will be times where tanning isn’t in your control.

Both tanning beds and sun tanning are dangerous. Tanning beds offer greater control, but at the risk of harsher UV exposure, while some time in the sun is much less harmful, but is prone to error. The safer method is going to be the method that you think you can control the finest in order to reduce unnecessary sun exposure. If you believe that you can avoid the sun’s damage, a tanning booth might be better. If you believe that you will not overdo your sun exposure, including leaving sunlight even before you have gotten as much as necessary, sun tanning is a better option.


Waxing Hair Removal Wax Beauty Woman Waxin

Our bodies are covered with hair which grows in different cycles. Some may be dark and course, while some may be so fine that you can’t see them visibly. There are many ways of removing the hair from different parts of our body and waxing is but one way.

Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes unwanted hair from the root. The new hairs won’t grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks depending on our hair growth and cycles. Some must be performed by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. If waxing is done regularly for several years, permanent hair reduction may be achieved. The different types of waxing that can be achieved are:

Eyebrow Wax

Bikini Wax

Male Genital Wax

Hollywood / Brazilian / French Wax

Leg Wax

Arm / Underarm Wax

Abdomen Wax

Back Wax

Foot Wax

Chest Wax

Entire Body Wax

Waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed on top and ripped off with a fast motion against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair. Another method utilizes hard wax (as opposed to strip wax). In cases like this, the wax is used somewhat thickly and with no cloth or paper strips. The wax then hardens when it cools, thus allowing the easy removal by a tech without the assistance of cloths. This waxing method is quite beneficial to people who have sensitive skin.

These areas are of special concern because of sensitive skin that can be severely damaged if waxed. Areas of the body that should just be waxed by a certified practitioner include the Melbourne Raccoon Trapping Servicesgenitals and the nipples. The bikini zone, eyebrows and lip area are popular with the women for waxing.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits of waxing compared to other forms of baldness. It’s an effective method to remove considerable amounts of hair at once. This technique is long-lasting. Hair in waxed areas will take between two to eight weeks to grow back. When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is removed at the surface instead of the root. Within a couple of days, the hair can be seen at the surface. With these methods, hair tends to grow back into a rough stubble. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often display regrowth that is softer.

Additionally, there are many disadvantages to waxing too. Waxing can be painful when the strip is removed from the skin. Even though the pain doesn’t last long, it can be very uncomfortable. Another drawback of waxing is that the price: waxing is generally performed by a licensed cosmetology, and it can be quite expensive. You can buy do-it-yourself waxing supplies, but they may be tricky to use on yourself on several parts of the body. Hair removal is not permanent. This could also cause the hair growth to be more noticeable and make different methods of hair removal more challenging. Fortunately, this risk is minimal if the waxing is done properly. Another problem with waxing is that some folks experience ingrown hairs, reddish bumps, and minor bleeding. This is more likely to occur when waxing areas where the hair is thick, especially the first few times once the follicles are strongest. While usually impossible to eliminate, regular exfoliating can reduce ingrown hairs along with an application of astringent or a mixture of astringent and oil (typically azulene or baby oil).

If you don’t have very sensitive skin, waxing is a quick and relatively simple alternative to tweezing your eyebrows. Even though it is generally better to get eyebrows waxed professionally it can be expensive – up to about $15 as a rule of thumb, although salons do differ.

Bikini Waxing

A Regular Bikini Wax removes the hair outside the panty line. A Full Bikini Wax takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a Regular Bikini Wax, and can also have waxing some hair on top to make a more defined ‘triangle’ place, or trimming the hair down left briefer. A French Bikini Wax takes all the hair off in the front (except a small strip) and continues to right before the back. It doesn’t take hair off from the trunk like a Brazilian.

The “Brazilian” differs from a Regular Bikini Wax because hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between. Most of the time a “landing strip” is left in the front (which is a very small strip of closely-shorn hair), but many clients have all of the hair removed. Genital hair removal includes hair removal around the anus, perineum and genitals. Prices at Beauty Salons may range anywhere from $25 to $100 or more.

The hair must be a certain length before it can be successfully waxed. It has to be a quarter of an inch if it’s fine, and a half inch if it’s coarse. A down side is, you may experience red bumps or ingrown hairs, which can be caused when hairs grow curled beneath the skin. As mentioned before you can avoid ingrown hairs with regular exfoliation and a scrub which has salicylic or glycolic acid. Treat existing ingrown hairs with an acid-based solution.

It’s now common for men as well as women to request Brazilian Waxing, so bikini waxing is no longer gender-specific. The “Brazilian Wax” has most recently been in the press since the state of New Jersey announced in the spring of 2007 that it may prohibit “genital waxing” after a few residents were hospitalized with infections.

Male Body Waxing

Waxing services performed on men, or “Male Body Waxing” is sexy! Many people think that waxing any part of the male body is only for homosexual men, yet this is not correct. Heterosexual men as well as homosexual men utilize some sort of body waxing service. There’s the possibility of bruising them, rupturing blood vessels, or you may really tear their genitals! Male body waxing is correctly done by two people — an expert licensed technician and the customer (the client usually helps by holding the skin taunt). However, the popular place for male waxing is your back and chest.

Health Concerns

Some doctors don’t recommend waxing for persons suffering from diabetes or who have varicose veins or poor circulation because they’re more prone to infection. Users of Retin-A, Renova, Diferin or Isotretinoin are advised to not have waxing performed; these medicines tend to weaken the skin and tearing of the skin may occur when the wax is removed. Waxing should not be done on areas of skin affected by rashes, moles, warts or pimples or on skin that is chapped, irritated or suffering from sunburn. Never apply wax to cracked or peeling skin or varicose veins. A womans tolerance to pain may be different at different times of the menstrual cycle. Women may experience greater sensitivity to pain during the week before menstruation. For this reason, many experienced estheticians urge that women schedule waxing appointments for the week after menstruation, when pain tolerance is usually at its highest. Waxing rips the hair out of the skin and often causes pain. The pain is more intense in areas such as the genitals, especially for individuals who haven’t waxed before or who don’t wax often. Redness and swelling also often occurs at the waxing site. Waxing in itself is a safe thing, but there are occasions when it is unsafe to get waxed. When skin is sunburned it’s not good to get a wax treatment. Waxing can also cause allergic reactions in some people. People with medical problems like diabetes, chronic liver or kidney disease, skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or weakened immune systems are advised not to get wax treatments in any respect.

More than friends

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How often have you spent weeks, or even months talking to that particular woman you like, then working up the courage to ask her out, only to hear those dreadful words:

“Oh, you are so sweet, but I do not really see you in that way. I only like you as a friend… ”

If you hear that, it’s as if she’s reached deep inside of your chest and ripped out your heart!

Hurts, doesn’t it?

1 – They never tell the girls their true intentions!

This is the most common reason guys eventually get buddy zoned.

They like the woman; they want to go on a date with her, have fun, sleep with her, and eventually start a relationship. But they’re so afraid of rejection that they always skirt around the issue, never clearly saying what they want and letting the girl know that they actually like her romantically!

You must understand that rejection is a part of life and that no matter what you do – not everyone’s going to like you.

That’s why it’s always best to allow the girl know that you are interested in her romantically, and that you’d like to go on a date with her.

If she says yes – great! If she says no – at least you know where you stand with her, and you can move on, saving yourself a lot of time!

2 – They treat her like a princess!

If you never disagree with the girl, never express your own opinion, always feign interest in the subjects she brings up, even if they don’t interest you – the woman will detect this and won’t honor you.

If you’re constantly afraid of offending the woman or making her mad, always “walking on eggshells” so to speak – she’ll realize that you are a spineless man and lose all attraction towards you.

That’s why “Bad Boys” get to have all the fun, while “Nice Guys” are left behind in the dust.

Vero Beach FL Bat Removal do not fear rejection, aren’t afraid of offending people, of living life, of judgment from others. They do not give a rat’s behind about what anybody thinks of them and they do not filter their ideas when they speak – they tell it like it is.

That’s incredibly attractive to the vast majority of women, and exactly the reason why most women fall for these so-called “rebels”.

3 – They constantly doubt themselves!

Self-doubt is one of the most unattractive qualities a man can possess.

If you can’t make decisions, question your every move, hesitate when speaking to the woman, touching her, leading her, and other similar things – you’re not going to get anywhere!

Women don’t like guys that are wracked with insecurities and self-esteem difficulties. It is best that you learn how to find those things handled!

4 – They bore girls half to death!

This is another enormous mistake that most men make.

When talking to girls, they begin asking all of the boring, and uninspired questions such as “Where are you from?” , “Where did you study?”

Every girl has heard these questions a hundred times! You’re there to flirt, have a fun, interesting, and exciting conversation with her and not to run an interview!

Refrain from asking what a thousand other guys have asked her and learn some much-needed social abilities that spice up a conversation.

Give her a reason to want to go on a date with you! Do not bore her to death and show that you are both going to have a fun time if she accepts your invitation!

If you follow this advice and consistently make your goals clear, you are never going to land in the friend zone!

At worst, you will get rejected and know where you stand with her.

Good luck!

I didn’t like the Keurig

We all get awesome wedding presents. One of mine forty years ago was a Farberware coffee pot. It was an 8 cup perk and it cranked out wonderful coffee for a year or so. It met its’ passing through Babcie, my mother-in-law. She was a devoted instant coffee drinker. So, the weekend that my parents came to visit, she filled the Farberware with water and set it on the stove to heat the water. She wanted us to have fresh coffee when we got up, but confused the two ways of making it.

Photo of Coffee Warmer Pump Jar Filled With Coffee

My dad was first up. He hit the top of the stairs and smelled the acrid odor of the burning pot, flew down to the kitchen, grabbed the pot and flung it out the back door before it burst into flames. The pot got replaced until the weekend ended, but Babcie never tried to use it again.

We chose to use this pot for ages. Morning coffee together was a ritual and significant to the start of our day. However, my husband was an aficionado of new products. Eventually, the Mr. Coffee came out. I received one as a birthday gift, but before I could return/exchange an item that I really didn’t want, he started it, tossed the box, and proceeded to make the first pot. It was passable coffee. But you understand about these pots. The first cup is great, but the successive cups get bitter and the pot does not hold the heat. I put up with it for as long as I could before the Farberware came back from the closet.

Fast forward through those forty years. The husband is gone, the house cleared of kids and I’m home with my Farberware product. I replaced the 8 cup somewhere along the line with a four cup version. But my tastes have changed. I no longer desire that 2-3 cup jolt of caffeine to start my day. I cut down the amount of water to only those two cups and even then tossed half a cup. Maybe it was time to proceed.

I have an wonderful sister. She understands what I need or want before I do. She gifted me with a Keurig K40 for Christmas. Using its’ single cup dispenser and no reservoir for the water to get stale in, it seemed ideal. I could make a cup and ignore the second. No fuss, muss or waste. I bought reusable pods so that I could use my usual coffee brand, and could control how strong to make the coffee. It was excellent. It was perfect for around three months. After a while, the coffee seemed poorer so I just added more reasons to the pod. I then discovered that I could slug it down in one gulp without burning myself. So I started putting it in the microwave to heat it up to the ideal temperature. Now, this was wrong. Three weeks use and it was running out of steam. So I called the Keurig help line. The trouble was that the water was not heating up enough to run it through the grounds. I was getting weak cold coffee. Their answer was to send them the jigger that holds the pod, making it unusable, and they replaced the K40.

While waiting for the new arrival, the trusty Farberware made it back to the counter. K40 number two arrived about a week later. It had the same problem, only it happened much sooner than it did with number one. I made the call to the help line, went through the process of cleaning the pot with the representative though it had barely been used. I sent back the jigger that retains the pod, they sent me number three. Wouldn’t you figure that the problem would be solved? Vero Beach FL Wildlife Removal is the charm, right? Well in just a week, K40 number three developed exactly the same issue. I called the help line again. This time he wanted me to buy and clean the machine with their special coffee pot cleaner and return to them. It took a day or two to find a few, but I did as requested, even though the pot was less than a week old. It did not help. As this was the third K40 that went south, the agent authorized upgrading my coffee pot to the K45. It’s a reservoir on the side, but nevertheless has an interior reservoir which you can’t empty. It just seems nasty to have there, but I had control of the outside reservoir. I had a friend visiting who loved his coffee, so we made up a couple single cups to enjoy that afternoon. As we sat and visited, a peculiar acrid odor came to the room. Investigating the kitchen, I saw the K45 was now smoking. The auto shut off had not worked and the home might have gone up in flames had I been right there. This was unsettling. I found no reason to clean a machine that was burning up and was used only the one time. He saw the reason to my objection and had me return the entire thing this time. Have you ever attempted to put one of these odd shaped things back in their packaging? It took the two of us the rest of the day to figure that out.

It is another brand new K45. It works perfectly, giving cup after cup of freshly brewed coffee. And you know what? I don’t like it. There’s something about the taste that’s different. I attempted to get used to it, but I guess at my age, change is sometimes tough. The K45 has gone back in the box and the Farberware perks my morning coffee again. I guess the K45 will wind up on a lawn sale table some day.

Curling your hair

There are so many people in the world who want to curl their hair in a different yet distinctive manner but bear in mind that in case you want to do it quick then there are various ways of doing it. But all you’ll have to do is find the one which suits you and your needs.

So if you wish to learn a way to get curly hair without worrying too much then you’ll need to read the rest of the article below.

Measures on making your hair curly

Girl Child Winter Bell Christmas Curls You

First step- If you’ve a big event coming up or a huge occasion then what you can do is a curl your hair. So first what you will need to do is wet your hair a little and apply on a bit of gel.

Second step- Rodent removal Palm BayThen you’ll have to braid you hair until you have finished the whole of it. But make sure that you braid little parts to make little areas of curls.

Third step- After what you will want to in the morning is open up your hair and just look at your hair if it somewhat moist then blow dry until it is dry and then you need to apply gel to your hair to keep it in place but make certain that you don’t apply too much to your own hair.

Smart phone operating systems

When it comes to communicating and obtaining information, these have replaced the background that requires the use of CPU and has been commonly used before. Well, we’ve got both of the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS, which are bringing competition to the marketplace and making people go crazy about them with the greatest expectations on point.

Perhaps a difference that is widely known between both of these mobile operating systems has something to do with hardware options. IOS only runs with Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, Android is offered in various mobile devices that are manufactured by various companies. Because of this, Android appears to be more accessible than iOS due to the fact that it supplies a whole lot better flexibility. Another distinction is that, IOS-manufactured devices are restricted to share photos, and other multimedia files with a fellow iOS device only. Meaning, an Apple device could only use its Bluetooth function with another Apple device. But, you could still use its built-in Bluetooth function to wirelessly connect your iPhone to other compatible devices, such as you pc and laptop. Android doesn’t have such constraints as iOS has. 1 thing which iOS is more advantageous of is that it enables its users to upgrade to a newer version. Every time that the operating system has released new versions, users will be notified and are supplied with the latest version.

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To sum it up, though the differences are clearly stated, we must admit they are still and no doubt, making the market on fire for decades now. Every corner of the planet is crazy over phones and tablets which are dominated by these two operating systems. And every shop is flooding with customers that are cunningly wanting gadgets which are upgraded with these mobile operating systems. Undoubtedly, these two mobile operating systems are both accommodating and user-friendly dependent on the ramifications of the sales and markets. Truly, they’ve changed the mechanism of the society, from simple to lavish, Orlando Wildlife Control, simple to vibrant and such. But the main thing there is, in every way, people become fulfilled and accountable with all their endeavors with or without up-to-date systems or machines.

When your sister gets married

So that your sisters big day is coming soon and you have the job of delivering a speech. Believe it or not, this is one of the simplest speeches to create. The reason is because you’ve known this person your whole life and recalling content to put in your speech should not be a problem. Producing the perfect sister wedding toast is just a few seconds away by following a copy easy steps

Glasses Toasting Cheers Alcohol Toast Peop

As a sister, it’s your responsibility to make this day a special event for your sibling. Now, all of us know that a lot of expectations will fall upon your shoulders. All you need to do is take a deep breath and begin.

My first piece of advise is to talk from the heart. This is your sister and though you might not admit it to her face, you adore her. It’s extremely important to bear in mind that you are not just delivering a speech to a random friend. This is your sister and a portion of your family. By keeping this stage in mind when creating your sister wedding toast your chances of a great wedding speech increase appreciably.

Perhaps a psychological moment or a funny time that you and your sister shared. Include things that only you would know since this will make your address more personal and sentimental.

2) Next, tell a story of when you teens – Maybe tell about a competition that you and your sister had when you were growing up. Consider something that you competed at that she won and tell about it. Try to include some humor in this part of your speech.

3) Wrap up with sentimental moment – Think of a sentimental moment that you and your sister shared that is not personal and could be appropriate for the setting. Tell her what a gorgeous person she’s become.

By keeping Orlando FL Wildlife Removal in mind when making your sister wedding toast your toast will be a total success.

Here’s to the perfect wedding toast! Cheers!

What traits are dominant?

The words dominant and recessive are terms used to describe inheritance patterns of certain traits. This is particularly used in humans. Humans have two copies of each chromosome which come from the parents. Because of this, humans have two variations of genes and these varied types of genes are called alleles. These can either be dominant or recessive are utilised to describe the inheritance patterns of specific characteristics. These terms can also be used to describe the probability of a trait being inherited to the offspring, for example genetic disorders. If a person inherits a dominant attribute, it will appear rather than other phenotype.

Blonde Hair Art Flowers Head Female Curly

A dominant trait is only going to reveal its phenotype on the offspring if dominant alleles reveal more than recessive although it only has one copy of allele. This is called heterozygous. In different conditions, if the alleles are different it’s called hybrid. It’s known as hybrid because of the two different alleles; it isn’t purebred. When both alleles are there, one of them will cover up another one. The one that “masks”, or the stronger one, is known as dominant. If the allele for having brown eyes is dominant over blue eye, then just 1 copy of this allele is needed for the person to have blue eyes. This leads the person expressing that trait because this certain gene is being more “dominant” than the other one.

Recessive alleles can only show its phenotype when it is paired, or joined with another allele that is identical to itself. In simpler terms, recessive alleles can only be visible if the person has two copies of the allele. Having two alleles to demonstrate a certain gene is referred to as homozygous. As mentioned, if both alleles are present, the dominant will hide the poorer the allele, Daytona FL Bat Removal, or the recessive. By way of example, the allele for having blue eyes is recessive and for a person to express that attribute, he/she must possess two copies of blue eye allele. As a result, this trait is not as common as it being dominant.

To conclude, the meaning of prominent traits is an allele is “more powerful” to the recessive allele as it will show its phenotype on the offspring. The definition of recessive is it is allele which phenotype will not appear on the offspring due to it only having one allele.

Bat Protection

Florida is home to at least thirteen residential species of bats. They are an awesome animal–the only mammals that can fly! Their wings are extremely like a human hand, with joints that may close and grip. They exert little to no effort doing this, because gravity keeps their talons closed.They have many useful qualities that humans may overlook. A nocturnal creature, bats will eat tens of thousands of insects in one night. If bats are living in your property they could significantly reduce the quantity of mosquitoes and other bothersome insects. The way that they find insects and other sources of food is quite unique. They use an intriguing navigational system called echolocation. The direction of the returning sound wave indicates where an object (like an insect) is and how big it is.

Another useful component of bats is their feces (called guano). Guano has an abundant amount of nitrogen, making it a wonderful fertilizer. Certain enzymes can be extracted from bat guano and used in laundry detergent and other cleaning products.Bats contribute greatly to the environment, and it is important for them to get a place to live. They normally live in trees or trees, but sometimes they get comfortable under the eaves of a persons house, or even within the house.

It is harmful for bats to live within the house for a few significant reasons.The first reason is that bats can carry rabies. Though uncommon, it’s a possibility, and if a rabid bat were to become fearful and bite somebody, the person could contract rabies. A rabid bat is usually indicated by increased aggression and daytime activity. If a bat is easily approachable, that is also an indicator of rabies. Bats should not be handled. The second reason is that if bat guano collects in the home, someone could contract Histoplasmosis. Inhaling the spores of this fungus can cause serious respiratory problems that could be fatal.

Flying Dog, Zoo, Bat, Vampire, Wing

The very best and most humane way to rid bats from your home and put them back into the wild is by exclusion. Nuisance Wildlife Relocation will do a thorough search of the home for any holes or openings where a bat might get through. A one time bat door will be set at every opening so the bat can get out, but not back in. When dusk hits, the bats will fly out to search, and be not able to return. Once all the bats have left the structure, all openings will be permanently sealed to prevent any additional entry.This method is totally humane and no bats are ever harmed during this procedure. If a bat is found indoors, Daytona Beach FL Bat Removal is available to solve the problem.