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How often have you spent weeks, or even months talking to that particular woman you like, then working up the courage to ask her out, only to hear those dreadful words:

“Oh, you are so sweet, but I do not really see you in that way. I only like you as a friend… ”

If you hear that, it’s as if she’s reached deep inside of your chest and ripped out your heart!

Hurts, doesn’t it?

1 – They never tell the girls their true intentions!

This is the most common reason guys eventually get buddy zoned.

They like the woman; they want to go on a date with her, have fun, sleep with her, and eventually start a relationship. But they’re so afraid of rejection that they always skirt around the issue, never clearly saying what they want and letting the girl know that they actually like her romantically!

You must understand that rejection is a part of life and that no matter what you do – not everyone’s going to like you.

That’s why it’s always best to allow the girl know that you are interested in her romantically, and that you’d like to go on a date with her.

If she says yes – great! If she says no – at least you know where you stand with her, and you can move on, saving yourself a lot of time!

2 – They treat her like a princess!

If you never disagree with the girl, never express your own opinion, always feign interest in the subjects she brings up, even if they don’t interest you – the woman will detect this and won’t honor you.

If you’re constantly afraid of offending the woman or making her mad, always “walking on eggshells” so to speak – she’ll realize that you are a spineless man and lose all attraction towards you.

That’s why “Bad Boys” get to have all the fun, while “Nice Guys” are left behind in the dust.

Vero Beach FL Bat Removal do not fear rejection, aren’t afraid of offending people, of living life, of judgment from others. They do not give a rat’s behind about what anybody thinks of them and they do not filter their ideas when they speak – they tell it like it is.

That’s incredibly attractive to the vast majority of women, and exactly the reason why most women fall for these so-called “rebels”.

3 – They constantly doubt themselves!

Self-doubt is one of the most unattractive qualities a man can possess.

If you can’t make decisions, question your every move, hesitate when speaking to the woman, touching her, leading her, and other similar things – you’re not going to get anywhere!

Women don’t like guys that are wracked with insecurities and self-esteem difficulties. It is best that you learn how to find those things handled!

4 – They bore girls half to death!

This is another enormous mistake that most men make.

When talking to girls, they begin asking all of the boring, and uninspired questions such as “Where are you from?” , “Where did you study?”

Every girl has heard these questions a hundred times! You’re there to flirt, have a fun, interesting, and exciting conversation with her and not to run an interview!

Refrain from asking what a thousand other guys have asked her and learn some much-needed social abilities that spice up a conversation.

Give her a reason to want to go on a date with you! Do not bore her to death and show that you are both going to have a fun time if she accepts your invitation!

If you follow this advice and consistently make your goals clear, you are never going to land in the friend zone!

At worst, you will get rejected and know where you stand with her.

Good luck!

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